Build Customer Loyalty Through Restaurant Marketing

customer loyalty.jpg Personalize the dining experience for your customers through food.

Today’s perception of food has changed. We promote the food we see and eat as a reflection of our own personalities, always in search of the next new, innovative and exciting dining experience.

It’s transformed the perception of restaurant marketing into its own culture, with every picture, post, and video creating a rich array of data. Whether it’s via Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, the data we consume and the technology used play an integral part in constructing and evolving the restaurant industry. It’s the art and science of how consumer data takes a front seat in restaurant marketing.

The restaurants that are actively tapping into their data – incorporating it into operational and marketing planning – are the ones with the real competitive edge. They are building profiles around their customers’ eating habits, dining traits and preferences, and then using this data to personalize consumer messaging.

By pairing website data (signups and offers) with social media and purchase and sales data, they are able to identify high-traffic dining periods, increase in-store visitations, customer satisfaction and loyalty, while building personalized marketing campaigns.

These data-driven insights not only help create a brand identity and build customer loyalty, but also enable the experiences that can maximize your marketing ROI and overall impact to the bottom line.

Tailoring their ads to different consumers allows restaurants to serve the right ad to the right audience. We have the ability to infuse creatives with first-party data, allowing each impression to be targeted to current and prospective customers.

Restaurant marketers can also identify and segment key target audiences. They can create a customer journey of all driving and converting factors to each audience, using advanced CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data gathered via loyalty and reward programs (names, emails and physical addresses) and insights to tailor creative and messaging that resonates with each key audience, specials/promotions, time of day and day of week.

With the abundance of data, restaurant brands and marketers can optimize on every impression through customer loyalty and suggestive marketing. An example of this is tying reservation system data (OpenTable, Eveve, Yelp) with your customers’ dining preferences.

Using loyalty programs, email clubs, and customer profiles, restaurant marketers can make menu recommendations and offer promotions and specials to drive more business and incremental sales. It’s a huge transformation, and a good one for restaurants who want to better address their target audience in a more personalized way.

About Gina Lee De Freitas

Gina Lee De Freitas has 15+ years marketing the restaurant industry. She is the Chief Operating Officer/ Partner at IMM, a digital ad agency.
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