How Social Media Can Influence Your Other Restaurant Marketing Efforts

Social media network concept.

Make it as easy as possible for your customers and fans to find you on social media.

How’s your social media presence looking? Is it where you want it to be or even where it should be? If you answered no to either part of that question, we’re here to lend a hand.

First things first, ensure all of your social accounts feature a full bio that is always up to date (think hours, location, address, website, etc.). Make it as easy as possible for your customers and fans to find you.

Give your fans a look behind the curtain. When posting on any social channel, the ideal engagement to conversion post ratio is 3:1. What that means is post recipes, sneak peeks into new menu items, inspiration videos and more 75% of the time and deals, today’s specials, etc. 25% of the time.

Now, with that said, you’ve got to formulate a consistent voice, tone and look for your brand. Keep it casual, keep it fun and keep it real. Even if you may be a fine dining restaurant or high-end cocktail bar, social media is the place to keep it more casual than formal, language-wise. And the same goes for photos – keep them bright, beautiful and well-composed. Nothing ruins a social post more than an out-of-focus, way-too-centered or just plain unattractive photo.

Next, pay attention to your mentions – good and bad!

It could be a bit overwhelming to respond to everyone that mentions you out there, but at the very least give positive mentions a like. A well-worded response or thank you may warrant a retweet or share from your customer, which can then increase your reach – so do that whenever you can.

But what about negative mentions? Strive to respond to those as quickly as possible. Nothing will sour a social media user more on your brand than ignoring them or even waiting too long (in their minds) to respond. Respond and try to resolve the issue before it may get out of hand.

One more thing to consider is how you are using promoted posts to your advantage. The days of posting organically on social without paying a dime to boost your posts are long gone. If you want to truly increase your reach and audience, you’ve got to invest even a little bit into promoting your posts.

As Donald Burns, The Restaurant Coach™, says, “You do not need the same budget as Burger King to get results on social media.”

And finally, develop a regular posting cadence and stick to it. Stay fresh in your fans’ and followers’ minds and at the top of their timelines and News Feeds! When they’re looking for somewhere to go and something to do, eat and drink, be there when they need you most.

About Sean Baker

Sean Baker has 17+ years marketing the restaurant industry. He is the President/ Partner at IMM, a digital ad agency located in Boulder, CO.
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