Use Restaurant Marketing to Keep Your Customers Up-To-Date on Menu Changes

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Your guests need to know when you make edits to your drink menu and food menu.

Is your craft beer selection changing by the hour or even faster? Are you hosting special events on a regular basis?

Then it’s time to keep your customers and fans up-to-date with exactly what’s going on at any given time. Nothing kills sales quicker than a group of friends showing up expecting a hard-to-find beer on tap only to find out the keg was kicked days before. Or a couple coming in on a date for a unique and seasonal menu item…and finding out you sold out of it yesterday.

Luckily, you’ve got a wide variety of technology options at your fingertips to inform, boost sales and (hopefully) make everyone happy all at the same time.

Let’s start with your food menu. Are you running a daily special? Maybe your chef finds something incredibly fresh and seasonal at your farmers’ market and wants to use it tonight. No problem. Hit up your usual social channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) with a quick post and an enticing image. Then, once it sells out, send out another quick post.

When it comes to something like your craft beer menu, the options open up even more. With apps and websites like Untappd, BeerMenus and TapHunter, you can create an account then easily post and update your menu on the fly. As kegs kick or as bottles and cans sell out and you put new ones on, send out an update! That way, you don’t have upset customers walking in then walking right back out when that keg of Zombie Dust they were expecting to find is gone.

Another way to maximize your beer sales through technology. Social media, of course. Hosting a tap takeover? Getting in the only keg of a super rare beer in your area? Create a Facebook event, tweet about it regularly in the days and weeks leading up to the day/night, Instagram the keg collar, add some paid support on Facebook in the form of sponsored posts, etc.

As each beer sells out during your event, post updates both in the event itself, as well as on your normal social channels.

Plus, every time you host any other special event, make sure you create a Facebook event then encourage your followers on Facebook to RSVP to the event. Post the event on your page when you initially create it, then once a week post a reminder for those who may not have seen it originally. And when you have updates for the event, post them in the event itself so anyone who has indicated they are going or interested will see the posts pop up in their Facebook notifications.

Keeping up with things as they happen may take some time and a little effort, but you are sure to see positivity in your bottom line in no time.

About Sean Baker

Sean Baker has 17+ years marketing the restaurant industry. He is the President/ Partner at IMM, a digital ad agency located in Boulder, CO.
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