Restaurant Marketing: The Rise of Mobile Ordering


Technological advances are revolutionizing restaurant labor.

Let’s face it – advances in modern-day technology have changed our lives for the better. The world we live in is greatly obsessed with high-tech and modern connectivity, which makes it inevitable that the need for personalization will continue to be a driving and dominant force.

Whether it’s shopping, paying bills, posting pictures or chatting with friends, we’re fascinated by the need for personalization paired with our handheld devices. And the reason is simple – convenience.

With just the touch of a button, we have the ability to do many things without being physically present in a restaurant, grocery store or retailer. It’s also the reason why modern-day technology is revolutionizing consumer buying habits as a whole.

Technology advances alone have resulted in a massive shift for restaurant marketers, leading to innovations like mobile payment and automated ordering systems. While tech advancement brings excitement and opportunity, it also may soon eliminate particular roles within the restaurant.

However, more and more restaurant marketers are discovering the new advantages provided by technology are less about reducing staffing than they are about new opportunities to reallocate labor costs. As a result, they are instead evolving the needs and roles of their staff.

Now you can prioritize your attention on processing more orders. Reducing the amount of phone orders means employees will spend less time taking orders and more time preparing meals exactly how your customers want them.

There’s also been an explosion in the last few years with the development of third-party delivery and courier services (think services like GrubHub, Seamless and UberEats). Services like this allow restaurants to maximize efficiency while cutting costs by no longer needing to staff an in-house delivery team.

Rather than delivering orders to customers on one single route, delivery services allow restaurants to connect with third parties nearby who show up at your restaurant just as the meals are being finished. It’s a great thing when you think about how long a customer is typically waiting for their food to arrive.

Which all comes back to that one simple reason: convenience.

The main reason why dialing up a restaurant with your food order is on the way out is that online ordering has become so much more convenient for guests and restaurant operators alike.

Orders are more accurate, transactions happen quicker and payment is always upfront. And being able to save information like past orders, favorite items and credit card information means your customers will appreciate the ease and efficiency and continue to order from your mobile app. These things combine to increase revenue, and who doesn’t like that?

About Sean Baker

Sean Baker has 17+ years marketing the restaurant industry. He is the President/ Partner at IMM, a digital ad agency located in Boulder, CO.
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