Your Employee’s Are The “Front Line” of Your Restaurant Marketing

front lines .jpgCatering to the customer is not the only contributing factor that makes a restaurant successful.

Restaurant marketing is easy when you have happy friendly employees featured in your advertising. Your employees are the backbone of your restaurant, in order to keep your restaurant up and running smoothly you need to make sure you are being responsible for how it is being run.

Starting with:

  1. Core values and mission: Share the values and mission that you have for the brand with your employees. Without a brand image to uphold your employees won’t be able to properly connect with some of the tasks they are given because they won’t understand why they are being assigned them. Give your employees purpose! Share your core values and mission daily with staff, preferably before each shift begins. Remember, your values and mission should be brief, fine-tuned, and achievable by employees.
  1. Strong leadership: Hire managers that believe in the employees that they manage. Without great management your lower level employee members will feel disengaged with the restaurant and will not recognize the growth potential within the company. Avoid “panic hiring” these types of employees can bring bad habits and usually relate least to the company. Take time to research the latest trends in the workforce to ensure you are using the best hiring techniques. Recruiting is a great way to make sure that you get the best talent without having to wait for them to come to you. Utilize job sites and LinkedIn to recruit top talent in the restaurant industry.
  1. Employee recognition: When an employee does something above and beyond, recognize them! They will feel proud and work hard to maintain this recognition! This technique can be anything from a free meal, putting their photo up in the office or sharing the story on social media. Other employee’s will seek this same recognition!

A restaurant is successful because of the employees that you hire to interact with your customers every day. Showcase your employees in video advertisements, on social media, Domino’s is a great example of this. Their video advertisements show real employee’s doing what they do best, their job!

Your employees are the first form of advertising that customers see. When an employee leaves after their shift and goes to the mall in their branded shirt or uniform customers are still identifying the brand with them. Make sure your employees know to bring a spare change of clothes or something that hides the brand name, customers are always watching!

About Sean Baker

Sean Baker has 17+ years marketing the restaurant industry. He is the President/ Partner at IMM, a digital ad agency located in Boulder, CO.
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