Gina and Sean are available on a consulting basis.

Let us help you increase your restaurant traffic and customer loyalty to build a successful and lasting brand. We have helped restaurants ranging from individually owned, chains, and franchises. From brand design to fully executed media plans we develop smart, realistic, executable campaigns that make an immediate impact.

Our services

Our services are available in bundles or a la carte. We will tailor them to your needs.

Brand Planning and Content Strategy

Resilient brands aren’t built on a single ad any more than a house is built on a single brick. We use research and insight to plan for the long term, determining what type of content will resonate with your audience and designing it to be impossible to ignore.

Digital Audit

We will perform an audit on your current website and analytics accounts. We will look at what you are doing digitally and give you recommendations on your current efforts.

Digital Design and Development

From simple landing pages to functional sites with hundreds of possible click paths, we make sure your digital properties reflect your brand’s look and attitude. And we can develop and QA them in house, so there are no gaps, no fumbles, no screw ups.

Analytics and Data Insight

The Internet will let you measure almost anything. But no one turns all those numbers into insight better than we do. We can help measure and optimize to affect KPI’s overnight while delivering insight that’ll make your next idea even stronger.

Advertising Campaign Tracking 

Our team uses advanced tracking and fractional attribution to show the results of your advertising. So you can run what works and eliminate everything else. And look like a rockstar the next time the CEO asks if the work is working.

Media and Audience Planning

Buying media space is so 2010. Instead, we buy an audience. We sort through vendors, trends, platforms and publications to identify the right target and deliver your message in real time to the people most likely to act. 

Two ways to connect

1-on-1 Discovery Session

Discuss your goals, needs, fears at no charge.

We will talk to you about your marketing needs and decide how, or if, we can help you further. Email Gina or Sean: to set a time and date for a call.

Ask the Experts

2-Industry Experts, 1 Hour,  $300

Gina and Sean participate with you in a one-time, hour-long brainstorming session on whatever topic(s) you like. Email Gina or Sean: to set a time and date for a call or video conference.